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What is „give a damn”?


Give a damn is a non-profit hub for people, businesses, organizations and projects who give a damn about the world.


About fairness, freedom, sustainability, solidarity, social equality, ecological- and open-mindedness.


What’s good about it is, that this makes it really easy for us to give a damn about what we do. Advertising, promoting, producing and publishing media.


Growth not for economic growth’s sake but growth of creativity, culture, social commitment and economical independence. That’s the goal of a give a damn. That's why the 'non-profit'.


Profit to the people – all income that will be generated will – after tax, costs and salaries – be given back to the employees, clients, that's reinvested their projects, respectively.


Including you. Everyone can join in and support. By becoming a client, submitting a project, donating things, time, expertise or money.


Start and give a damn. Give things. Give time. Give money. Start a project. Volunteer. Send a mail to contact@giveadamn.de



give a damn


Currently a small-scale agency with the goal to build up an non-profit hub for music, art, media, advertisement and commerce for other small-scale businesses, non-profit purposes and culture.


Schönhauser Allee 104, 10439 Berlin





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